Károly Chochol ( 1935 )

Chochol took his first photos at the age of 15 while studying optics, aesthetics, and philosophy. In his youth he participated at exhibitions in Hungary and abroad. At the age of 20, his achievements earned him the prestigious AFIAP title.

Chochol was a civil servant of the Ministry of Culture and Public Education and illustrator of the magazines Család és Iskola (Family and School) then Gyermekünk (Our Child). His photos are regularly published in several in several Hungarian and international magazines. Since 1960 he has worked for the Evening News of the Hungarian Television as press photographer.

Chochol won First Prize at the 3rd International Diaporama Festival for his Matthew Passion, and the Aladár Székely Prize for his portrait series in 1967. A year later he came in first with a sport photo at the Ezüstgerely (Silver Javelin) Competition and even won the The Photo of the year and The Report Series of the Year 1968. Meanwhile he was an active researcher of photo history at the Association of Hungarian of Hungarian Photographic Artists and and greatly contributed to the preservation of the estate of Rudolf Balogh, „the Father of all Press Photographers”. At the 150th anniversary of Chochol undertook to edit the exhibition Ténykép (Fact Image), one of the most successful and popular events of the Art Gallery.

In addition, Chochol has authored, edited and illustrated over fifty books. He is affiliated to the Hungarian National Society of Creative Artists (Chairman of the Arts Council), the Hungarian Association of Photographic Artists, the Hungarian National Journalist Association as Vice President, HUNGART and to the Society of Hungarian Press Photographers.

Upon his retirement the Hungarian Television gave Chochol the Lifetime Achievement Award to crown a total of 11 major honors. The Hungarian National Journalist Association awarded him the Golden Pen in recognition of his valuable contribution to journalism and the Hungarian National Society of Creative Artists presented him with the Grand Prize in Creative Arts and the Golden Cassette Lifetime Achievement Award.